Latini's Bicycle Repair

Specializing In Bicycle Maintenance & Repair


We know bicycle maintenance and repair. In fact, our shop is founded on it. And through the years we have gained a broad cycling knowledge and experience that can give you honest, unbiased answers. We know that every rider has unique preferences, different goals and concerns and we want to listen and help in any way that we can. From flat tires to dream builds, we want to work with you to help make the most out of your season.

Now Offering Ultra Sonic Cleaning (USC) Race Prep

You devote hours in the saddle perfecting you, the motor.  You have looked for every marginal gain available. You may have showered your companion with gifts on that quest, but it is ultimately wasted unless you maintain it. If you are looking for increased efficiency and putting energy saving wattage back into your drive train, we can help. We offer three levels of USC Race Prep depending on your maintenance needs before that big event. 



There are many ways to tune a bike but leaving anything over looked is not the way. We are meticulous, so rest assured that by the end of our tune, your bicycle will be humming along beautifully once again.

Mechanical Adjustments*

  • Visibly Inspect Wear and Tear Items**

  • Safety Check All Nuts and Bolts

  • True Wheels and Broken Spoke Replacement

  • Adjust Bearings (BB, HDST, Ft & Rr Hubs)

  • Adjust and Align Deraileur Systems

  • Adjust and Align Brake Systems

  • Air Tires and Check Tire Sealant Level

  • Lube Chain and Pivot Points

  • Clean and Lube Cable and Housing Lines

  • Flush and Lube Shifters

  • Inspect Pedals and Lube Cleat Contacts

Wear and Tear Items**

  • Handlebar Coverings

  • Tires

  • Tubes

  • Rim Strips

  • Chains

  • Brake Pads

  • Cables

  • Housing & Ferrules

Labor Charges

Please Remember That Part Costs Are Extra

Quarterly Gruppo's Are Available For Purchase From November 1st - February 31st Of Each Calendar Year

Please Call Or Stop By For Specific Labor Prices Or To Make An Appointment

Club Discounts Apply 

Your current club discounts apply! No matter the shop, team, club or affiliation, we will honor your current club discount.

Interested In Forming A New Club Or Team?

If you are interested in forming a new club or team, no matter the size, we would love to help! Please see Johnny for details.


If you are dreaming of a bike build but are in need of help piecing it together, we can help. For an hourly charge we can consult with you to make sure you are getting the exact parts you need for your build. Take our info and feel free to buy anywhere. If you choose to purchase from us, we will happily waive the consulting fee.

Expedited Service

We turn repairs around as quickly as possible. Even at our best the cycling season can leave our board several days out for MAJOR repairs such as tune ups.  So if it is too late for an appointment, and you need the work done ASAP, we offer a next day surcharge for $25, and a same day surcharge for $50.

Repair Class (BYOBike)

If you are in need of knowledge on basic cycling survival such as flat tires or more in depth repair and maintenance, we can help. We can set up one on one or group classes and perform all procedures on your personal bike.