Latini's Bicycle Repair

Specializing In Bicycle Maintenance & Repair



 Our Focus Is On Repair

After being a trusted wrench for over 18 years, I felt that a new standard for bicycle repair was needed. Throwing bikes in the stands and cranking them out may work for some. For others, a little more is desired. More time. More quality. More care. More devotion.

At Latini's we return the favor to our dearest companions.

"We Make Bikes Happy."



On a coffee table in what seemed like the smallest house in Minnesota, was a pink Italian newspaper called “La Gazzetta dello sport”. It belonged to my great grandmother, a tiny but strong Italian woman that preferred her native tongue and traditional ways. I was in the second grade but the feeling from that paper struck me and my fascination with the bike began to grow quickly.

The more I surrounded myself in cycling the more interested I became in how things meshed. It was as though rider and machine were intertwined as one. The bike was a world within itself, an art.

At the age of 14, I was offered my first job at a large bike shop in North Texas. I found I had a knack for wrenching and a tough work ethic. Even at a young age I began to build a client base. I was fortunate to have many good people that appreciated my work and I wanted to give them more. My dream slowly became a reality and, everything fell into place at the right time. The seed my great grandmother planted years ago was growing and to show my appreciation I dedicated the shop in her name, Latini’s.

The Latini Dragonfly

To me, deeply rooted, the dragonfly represents our inner strength that allows us to reach the peak of our individual potential. To have the ability to not only survive but to thrive in this world of challenge. Regardless of any outcome, if your effort is pure, fair and total, it is sure to be an enduring mark left on time.