Latini's Bicycle Repair

Specializing In Bicycle Maintenance & Repair




We Are Not Your Normal LBS

We are not salesmen. Times have changed and the amount of available products and low prices has never been better for the consumer. We have chosen to stock only a handful of necessities and products with proven reliability for your day to day needs. If we don't have exactly what you need in stock we are happy to see if we can get it for you at a fair price. For everything else, embrace the internet, buy local or search the bay. Regardless, we are happy to give you our unbiased knowledge of the cycling world, offer you the very best mechanical services and help you in any way that we can. 



Our Focus Is On Repair

After being a trusted wrench for over 18 years, I felt that a new standard for bicycle repair was needed. Throwing bikes in the stands and cranking them out may work for some. For others, a little more is desired. More time. More quality. More care. More devotion.

At Latini's we return the favor to our dearest companions.

"We Make Bikes Happy."

The Latini Dragonfly

A cyclist that endures the test of time is rare. It requires endurance to overcome constant hardships, the ability to sacrifice and dissolve oneself, to have deeply rooted authenticity, and to be fully alert in this present moment. This road less traveled is made in the hopes to transform oneself to greatness. But no matter how victorious, our heroes are human. They are fragile. It is this duality which adds a poetic touch to their efforts.

To me, deeply rooted, the dragonfly represents our inner strength to reach the peak of our human potential. To have the ability to not only grow but thrive in the near impossible. And even though this impossible may be short lived, it is our enduring mark left on time.

Timeless. Passionate. Authentic.

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